Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Predator is Back?: "

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C’mon, admit it. You liked Predator. You liked the b-movie dialogue and the shoot-em-up action. You wanted Alien v. Predator to be fantastic. You wanted to revel in the glory of the Predator backed by modern special effects on the big screen. And they broke your heart. You wanted them to bring you flowers and candy, maybe write you some poetry; you wanted them to treat you like a princess and instead they treated you like a whore. They took advantage of your affection and gave you nothing but tears in return.

Well, pick up the tattered shreds of your dignity, because a new beau may be coming to town. According to an anonymous tipster at Latino Review, Twentieth Century Fox is now in talks with John McTiernan to bring Predator back to the big screen. The tip reports that the new movie will be 'not a sequel, not a remake, not a prequel; more of a restart.' Apparently, there’s talk that the story will focus around Dutch’s (Arnold S.) grown up commando son. Mr. Tipster also says that John Cena’s name has been tossed around for the lead, but it’s too early for anything to be certain.

Dare we dream again?

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(Via Cinematical.)