Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bush Explains How God Shapes his Foreign Policy: "Bush Explains How God Shapes his Foreign Policy - ... Bush also explained, in unusually stark terms, how his belief in God influences his foreign policy. 'I base a lot of my foreign policy decisions on some things that I think are true,' he said. 'One, I believe there's an Almighty. And, secondly, I believe one of the great gifts of the Almighty is the desire in everybody's soul, regardless of what you look like or where you live, to be free...From Nony"

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20 Amazing Facts About Voting In The United States: "20 Amazing Facts About Voting In The United States - Diebold employs 5 convicted felons as developers. These are the people who write the voting machine computer code.From cw"

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of


AP) -- Women who perform the act of fellatio and
swallow semen on a regular basis, one to two times a
week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to
40 percent, a North Carolina State University study

Doctors had never suspected a link between the act of
fellatio and breast cancer, but new research being
performed at North Carolina State University is
starting to suggest that there could be an important
link between the two.

In a study of over 15,000 women suspected of having
performed regular fellatio and swallowed the
ejaculatory fluid, over the past ten years, the
researchers found that those actually having performed
the act regularly, one to two times a week, had a
lower occurance of breast cancer than those who had
not. There was no increased risk, however, for those
who did not regularly perform.

"I think it removes the last shade of doubt that
fellatio is actually a healthy act," said Dr. A.J.
Kramer of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, who was
not involved in the research. "I am surprised by these
findings, but am also excited that the researchers may
have discovered a relatively easy way to lower the
occurance of breast cancer in women."

The University researchers stressed that, though
breast cancer is relatively uncommon, any steps taken
to reduce the risk would be a wise decision.

"Only with regular occurance will your chances be
reduced, so I encourage all women out there to make
fellatio an important part of their daily routine,"
said Dr. Helena Shifteer, one of the researchers at
the University. "Since the emergence of the research,
I try to fellate at least once every other night to
reduce my chances."

The study is reported in Friday's Journal of Medical

In 1991, 43,582 women died of breast cancer, as
reported by the National Cancer Institute.

Dr. Len Lictepeen, deputy chief medical officer for
the American Cancer Society, said women should not
overlook or "play down" these findings.

"This will hopefully change women's practice and
patterns, resulting in a severe drop in the future
number of cases," Lictepeen said.

Sooner said the research shows no increase in the risk
of breast cancer in those who are, for whatever
reason, not able to fellate regularly.

"There's definitely fertile ground for more research.
Many have stepped forward to volunteer for related
research now in the planning stages," he said.

Almost every woman is, at some point, going to perform
the act of fellatio, but it is the frequency at which
this event occurs that makes the difference, say
researchers. Also key seems to be the protein and
enzyme count in the semen, but researchers are again
waiting for more test data.

The reasearch consisted of two groups, 6,246 women
ages 25 to 45 who had performed fellatio and swallowed
on a regular basis over the past five to ten years,
and 9,728 women who had not or did not swallow. The
group of women who had performed and swallowed had a
breast cancer rate of 1.9 percent and the group who
had not had a breast cancer rate of 10.4 percent.

"The findings do suggest that there are other causes
for breast cancer besides the absence of regular

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Free Comic Book Day 2006: "Free Comic Book Day 2006 - On Saturday, May 6 Â- the comic book industry once again celebrates Free Comic Book Day!

The annual event is the perfect opportunity to introduce your friends and family to the many worlds of wonder available at your local comic book store. From super-heroes to slice-of-life to action/adventure and beyond, Free Comic Book Day has a comic book for everyone!From cw"

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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gallery of Original Booty Babe Artwork: "[NSFW] Gallery of Original Booty Babe Artwork - The pieces shown in this gallery are original, one-of-a-kind works of art and were hand-crafted by the creator of Booty Babe Art Â- Spencer DavisGolly will want one!From Juniper"

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NeoCons get their wings clipped: "NeoCons get their wings clipped - Although still united in pushing for confrontation with Iran, the coalition of hawks that propelled US troops toward Baghdad three years ago appears to have finally run out of steam. Demoralized by the quagmire in Iraq, as well as President George W Bush's still falling approval and credibility ratings, the coalition of aggressive nationalists, neo-conservatives and the Christian Right that promoted the belligerent, neo-imperial trajectory in US foreign policy has lost both its coherence and its power to dominate the political agenda in Washington. From Nony"

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley: "George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley - This could explain a lot of things.From Roddy"

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Monday, April 03, 2006

A Pretty Good Way to Foil the NSA

The man who angered the world's eavesdroppers by releasing PGP in the 1990s is back, this time with voice-encryption software that might be good enough to frustrate illegal telephone surveillance -- no matter who's doing it. Take that NSA!

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